13 May 2012

Cowboys & Aliens & Bears

Recently saw Cowboys & Aliens and it was quite surprising all around. I really liked it. It was not a comedy. It was not what I expected. It was pretty serious. It would have been a really [perhaps more] enjoyable straight-up western, except it then had aliens added to it. But really it's just a bonkers version of Wizard of Oz.

Harrison Ford needs a heart. Daniel Craig has lost his mind. Sam Rockwell finds courage. Olivia Wilde is the girl "not from around here". And there's even a plucky dog.

There are no bears. Sorry.

Not a movie still. Also not a man in a bear suit.


JustJoeP said...

where the hell is that bear photo from? Is it falling out of the tree?

pyker said...

That photo, for me, falls under the "never not funny" category. I laugh every time I look at it.

It was from a news story about a bear in colorado somewhere that wandered into town and climbed a tree. They had to tranquilize it, at which point it fell out of the tree.

JustJoeP said...

I do hope the bear suffered no traumatic injuries in the fall. I like Bears - the football team, the fact that they are often #1 on the threat down (Colbert), even the fact that somewhat portly, older, gay men who are hairy refer to themselves as bear has a somewhat whimsical appeal. I don't approve how how the Russians get their bears drunk in circuses... but I like bears, and have a healthy respect for them, ESPECIALLY a mother with cubs in the wild. "Give that Ursine a wide berth".

I concur with you on the "not never funny" - more than 50% of a good photo is timing.

Rick said...

+1 for the photo.

Thumbs down for the film. Walked out of the cinema knowing I'd been played for a sucker.

Note to self: If the title is the elevator pitch, avoid.