30 May 2012

BurgerWeek Day 5

Byron! We visited the Cheapside location of this bustling chain, one of now 21 locations in London.

it is important to stay hydrated during BurgerWeek

I got a limited edition jubilee special -- the Chilli Queen, while the youngster got the Byron, a bacon cheeseburger. The Chilli Queen is a green chile cheeseburger: fresh chopped green chiles under melted american cheese on top of a burger which rests on shredded iceberg lettuce and chipotle mayo. A decade ago the green chile cheeseburger at [now long gone] Santa Fe on Upper Street was the only burger in London I could order without trepidation. It was fantastic. I didn't expect the Byron burger to live up to it so was not disappointed. Yes, I missed the grilled tortilla wrapper and the monterey jack (which goes better with fresh green chiles) of the Sante Fe version, but the Byron special was really enjoyable on its own merits. The beef was good, and cooked nicely to order (not overcooked!). The stack of ingredients worked really well together. Ostensibly it ends its run on June 5th, but I would be happy to see it reappear on the menu at some point.
it is also important to order burgers during BurgerWeek

The chips were hand-cut, skin on. They were fine. Bit stubby and not as good as double-dipped, but good enough. They also offer thin "fries". Service was welcoming and relaxed (in a good way). Drinks included Byron Pale Ale, brewed for them by Camden Town Brewery. Generous milkshakes completed the meal.
chips love doing depth of field demonstrations at f1.8

So overall? This doesn't quite make it to the very top tier but we both really liked it. This is less a special-occasion burger and more a nice reliable place to stop by. It is the same market as GBK but a big cut above. Recommended, and will go back.

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