29 May 2012

BurgerWeek Day 4

Tonight's venue: Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen. It's a large and impressive interior. Service was welcoming and attentive. I started with salmon ceviche as I'm a sucker for the mix of citrus and coriander and fresh green chiles. Then onto the "short rib" burgers.

short rib burger @ Bread Street Kitchen
They are not lying. The depth of flavor of these was amazing. Best and fullest beef flavor so far. These burgers were very thick. Fantastic. Topped with monterey jack, some slices of pickle and a sweet homemade ketchup, all sitting on top of a crisp shredded iceberg slaw. The de rigueur brioche bun deserves special mention as it was eggier than average -- soft and sweet but substantial enough to handle a burger of this gravitas. A perfect wrapper.

large and mighty chips
The chips were of the very thick variety, which is not my preference (bad volume to surface area or something), but they were cooked perfectly. Normally chips this size are undercooked but these were dialled in just right. Absolutely worth getting.


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