23 January 2012

Pre-CGI Effects

Been introducing the young teenager of the house to some old favorites. I've been (possibly tediously) prefacing each viewing with a spiel about how the effects were not computer-generated. The movies are going over well. Blade Runner still looks incredible, to both of us. Road Warrior? Actual cars smashing into each other. After seeing a CGI Dodge chasing deer through Manhattan at approximately 100 mph [I'm pretty sure deer can't actually run that fast] in I Am Legend, the occasional botch in Road Warrior in which they try to make the cars go faster by speeding up the film ends up being charming.

(Want more cars getting wrecked? Try Blues Brothers. Astonishing and gleeful excess in that movie. I was giggling at the sheer volume of wreckage. Poetic, like the midwestern embodiment of a Hong Kong gun flick.)

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JustJoeP said...

Over Christmas we watched Bladerunner chez nous as well, and the pre-CGI effects are pretty remarkable.

Another classic with smash ups and explosions and tons of humor is Raising Arizona. Exploding cars, motorcycle chases, fight scenes, good stuff.

Blue Brothers is wonderfully excessive.