25 June 2011

Spitjack's: New Restaurant Victoria Park

Went to Spitjack's the other day, a small and welcoming place in the village above vicky park, on Lauriston up near the roundabout, on the way to the delightful Deli Downstairs and the excellent fishmonger (Jonathan Norris) . Really liked it -- very relaxing early dinner for the four of us. Service was friendly, menu was what I consider the right size -- properly focused rather than endless choice. They offer a few things grilled on the spit -- chickens, leg of lamb, beef rib, sometimes some smaller birds, plus a well-selected assortment of tapas. We got a hamburger (massive!), a quarter chicken, and 4 or 5 small plates, some chips. Everyone was happy, even our youngest (9), who never eats anything. The charcuterie and cheese selections were spot-on, while the empanadas had a lovely homemade savoriness to them. Churros w/ chocolate (I had a taste, very good) and coffee for dessert. Reasonably priced. Nice to have a dinner place in the village all four of us can enjoy. If the weather cooperates, it should do really well over the summer as it gets discovered.


zim said...

holy cow, he is 9 now, isn't he.

holy cow.

pyker said...

yes, but still our little guy