09 June 2011

Braising in Coconut Milk

I made my own version of rendang the other night. Beef braised in coconut milk with chili, etc., then reduced in pan. Was easy and turned out well. Seems like a simple braising in coconut milk should work well for pork or beef, even without a particular mix of additional spices and herbs.


JustJoeP said...

I am curious, on the coconut milk packaging, did it say where it was made? No HFCS or other sugary doping? Or perhaps, did you get actual whole Coconut(s), and extract the milk the hard way?

I've seen reduced, canned Coconut milk here in Arizona on store shelves. But I've always been leery of getting some, because I thought the PUFA ratio was not favorable... maybe I should re-think this. Hmmmm.

pyker said...

The one I recently used is from Indonesia. You can get coconut milk as well as coconut "cream". Neither has any added sugar. You can also get coconut oil, which is great stuff to cook with, but that's less common.

Coconut fat is fantastic -- almost all healthy saturated fat, virtually no PUFAs at all. Provided you can get some that doesn't have added sugar or other crap, you should definitely rethink.

JustJoeP said...

rethinking... buffering... buffering... =)

I will take it under advisement.

The hard part will be convincing my wife, whose entire dietary paradigm has been in upheaval since her husband decreased his mass by 20%.

pyker said...

In Amsterdam you'll have plenty of opportunity to sample rendang and other Indonesian dishes with coconut milk as an ingredient.