23 June 2011

Don't Forget To Wind It

Something I've wanted for years and finally got: a mechanical watch. It is less accurate than my plastic timex and a couple orders of magnitude more expensive. It is a NOMOS, a brand that is crying out for a '!' suffix. I've concluded that the sapphire crystal instead of glass makes a huge difference. I'm spoiled now. Swatches just won't be the same.

NOMOS! makes their own movements. Many watchmakers use factory movements from ETA, which are good, but there's something appealing about a watch company with its own mechanicals.
the "movement"


JustJoeP said...

Die Deutschen machen gute Schei├če. Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!

zim said...

very nice!

pyker said...

Thanks! It is pleasingly German.