05 January 2014

Chicago Style Pizza

oven ready
John's Stewart's tantrum about Chicago style pizza was funny but really dumb. People seem to get hung up on the fact that it's called "pizza".  It's like being mad at enchiladas for not being tacos. But hey, there are a wide variety of pizzas, and I find it pretty easy to love all styles.

The biggest problem with loving Chicago style pizza is that it's nearly impossible to get outside of Chicago. Somehow pizza weekend was declared on Friday, so for Saturday I attempted the Chicago-style. It was actually a big success. Exceeded expectations. Made two 12" pizzas for 4 of us, one with sausage and pepperoni, one with sausage, spinach, and garlic.

I am wholeheartedly endorsing www.realdeepdish.com for DIY Chicago style. I've seen different recipes over the years, and even tried some out on my own back in the 90s. But after a very long break from making this kind of pizza, this site looked best to me, and the results speak for themselves. In particular, I used the basic recipe posted on this page.


JustJoeP said...

Sounds delicious. We stumbled onto "Cubbies Chicago Pizza" in Bakersfield CA on our way home from Sequoia National Park last week. It was Fantastic. Cubbies was ornately decorated with all things Chicago, and his pizza chefs made a delicious pie. Spinach, garlic and sausage... mmmmmm, sounds awesome.

DDF says it is part of the NYC myopic vision of the world, that "anything outside of NYC is obviously inferior". BS. NYC does some things right, and it is a nice place to visit, but I love me some Chicago style pizza!

pyker said...

Yeah, there's a difference between "I prefer A to B" and "B is inferior to A".