01 December 2013

Chocolate Ice Cream using Cocoa, Assured Nut-Free

I wanted to make a nice chocolate dessert for one of our Thanksgiving guests who is highly nut-allergic but I could not find any brand of chocolate bar that was willing to put a stake in the ground about being nut-free. I did find that Bournville [a Cadbury brand] cocoa is assuredly nut-free, so went with that.

I really wanted to try a chocolate ice cream but I lost patience about 90 seconds into googling. Every chocolate ice cream recipe with cocoa also had chocolate in it. So I invented my own. It was really good, and very well received. Here it is:

125g cocoa
400ml whole milk, used in 2 portions, 220ml + 180ml
400ml double cream
200g sugar
5 egg yolks, beaten
1t vanilla
pinch salt

(1) in large bowl, mix 125g cocoa & 220ml cold whole milk together into a smooth paste
(2) it's hard to resist tasting it at this point, so go ahead
(3) immediately regret tasting it
(4) heat the remaining 180ml of milk + the double cream, off heat at or before it reaches boil
(5) whisk hot milk/cream into the cocoa/milk mix (if this doesn't combine well for any reason, it should be fine to return it to low heat and stir until smooth consistency)
(6) whisk in the sugar & a pinch of salt
(6) whisk in the egg yolks & vanilla
(7) strain into a clean bowl, thoroughly chill, then put it into your ice cream maker

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