02 January 2013

The Gooben! (Geuben?)

New Year's Day main course: goose-breast reubens. Goose breasts were soaked in a heartily spiced brine for 12 hours, dried overnight, then hot-smoked for a few hours before chilling for a few days. Then shaved in the slicer, fried with black pepper, and heaped onto grilled homemade caraway rye, with melted swiss, sauerkraut, and a homemade dressing (mayo, worcestershire, hot sauce, minced red bell pepper, minced onion, dash of ketchup, sweet pickle relish, freshly grated horseradish root).

Wow were they good. Goose is beefy to start with, lovely grass-fed birds they are. The slightly cured and smoked goose breast had a lovely deep burgundy coloring and an aromatic smokiness reminiscent of pastrami. This really came out as it heated on the griddle with butter and black pepper, the edges crisping up baconly. I'm almost getting hungry again.


JustJoeP said...

mouth watering! Was this your own recipe / concoction / method? Or did you consult other culinary authorities on the soaking, spicing, and preparation?

pyker said...

Was great! If I do say so myself.

The brine was based on the "duck ham" brine from Ruhlman & Polcyn's _Charcuterie_

The rye bread recipe was from the bread machine book.

The dressing was of my own devising. As was the concept.

JustJoeP said...

congratulations! It is really fantastic when a culinary creation comes to fruition, and not just satisfies, but delights the eater. =)

pyker said...

Thanks! It was very gratifying. Too bad goose is only available for a limimted time here.