23 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Please Make Stock

The thought of eleventy jillion roast turkey carcasses getting tossed just kills me. Turkey stock is liquid gold. I don't know why turkey makes for such good stock, but it does. At a minimum, just break up the carcass and any leftover turkey you're not going to eat and simmer it in water for a while then strain out and discard the solids. What's left is better than any canned stock. Reduce if it's too watery. Don't add salt until you get it the concentration you want. Better still if you have bay leaves, onions, celery, carrots. To be on message, you can even call it "bone broth" [took me a long time to figure out wtf "bone broth" is supposed to be]. Seriously, turkey stock is easy and wonderful. Any amount is worth it.


JustJoeP said...

I am happy to report, that after I eviscerated the remnants of the muscle from turkey we helped devour at our friend Alan's house, that I used his formidable carving knife to separate two vertebrae above the pelvis, enabling the carcass to fit in the large soup pot Alan was planning on using to make stock. Found the neck too (stuffed deep inside the bird) and that'll be used as well for the stock. Mmmmmmmmm

pyker said...

I approve! I got my cleaver working to get a couple birds into the stock pot.