11 September 2011

Confirmation Bias: A Dominant Factor In Nutrition Blogging

I had a lot to say on this topic, but can't quite pull it together into coherent writing yet, and haven't had time to do so. Didn't want the title to go to waste. The tempest in a teapot nature of subject-specific blogscape is sometimes amusing, sometimes just silly and tedious. But hey, I loves me some confirmation bias as next as the next guys, so party on, Garth.

Anyway, on a somewhat unrelated subject, I'm more recently on a mission to get some folks I know to stop taking statins. But I don't want to succumb to confirmation bias and am willing to admit I might be wrong. Anyone have a pubmed reference to a study actually showing all-causes mortality benefits of statin use for men in their seventies? Anyone?  Bueller...? Didn't think so. (What about life expectancy for men over 70 with really low total cholesterol? Whoops....)

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