14 May 2015

CGI In Moderation

Heartened to see what I hope's a trend of the return of practical effects and the more judicious use of CGI.

In 2008, Roget Ebert said of the ambitiously no-CGI film The Fall, "There will never be another like it."

Hopefully not true, but since then the action/adventure film-making crowd has gone bonkers with CGI, with poor results, even for huge budget movies. Here's a nice rundown of complaints: http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-reasons-expensive-films-end-up-with-crappy-special-effects/

The best answer to overuse of CGI is to make better movies without [so much of] it. JJ Abrams is going for lots of practical effects in the new Star Wars. And the love for Mad Max Fury Road is just warming up. After reading about how they filmed it with almost no CGI  and about all the cars, I can't wait to see it myself.


JustJoeP said...

I have not seen The Fall, but I shall venture to do so this summer.

I am planning on seeing the Mad Max movie sometime soon... probably without DDF.

Tom Hank's last Letterman appearance was pretty hilarious last week, describing Ron Howard's management of CGI. You should watch it on Youtube if you've not yet seen it. = )

pyker said...

I heartily recommend seeing Fury Road on a big screen, in 2D (the way the director intended, not 3D). It is glorious. Almost no CGI. Real stunts, real working vehicles. Even the 78-yr-old women road her own motorcycle around.

JustJoeP said...

I saw Fury Road at a fancy Cineopolis theater in Encinitas, in 2D. Wonderful film. Powerful. And knowing the CGI was minimized made it even better! = )

pyker said...

I've seen Fury Road twice now. I might have to see it a third time before it leaves big screens entirely.