31 May 2013

Tacos in Hackney: Machete

New York is not the best place to get Mexican food. Chicago is a better place to get Mexican. Fort Payne, Alabama, is a better place to get Mexican. But NY can still offer up the goods. I recently took pictures of some NY tacos, bought from a cart outside on a sunny spring day, to comfort me back in London because it is nearly impossible to get decent Mexican food here.


Today to my surprise and delight I actually had good tacos in London. I finally stopped by Machete on Lauriston Road near Victoria Park for lunch. And the tacos were... tacos! Best Mexican food I've had in London. That's historically a really, really low bar -- like saying "best sushi in Fort Payne" -- but still I'm thrilled. Was clear even their guacamole is made fresh, using actual avocados. Friendly and pleasant, befitting the village. Recommended.


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JustJoeP said...

one of the nicest things about Phoenix was the availability of delicious Mexican food.

It is nice to discover a local & unexpected gem.