03 February 2013

Superbowl Viewing in the UK

Or not. I'll probably be asleep well before kickoff.

But I'm prepped regardless. Main coverage via Sky Sports HD. They run the US in-game commentary but might have alternate commentary available as well. Sky's NFL pre-game and during-break team, led by Kevin Cadle, are a jovial lot, and don't take themselves or the game too seriously. And it's small enough that they do charming things such as answer email from viewers. It has the feel of a local-channel morning show.

So that's HDMI input #1. On HDMI input #2: live CBS sports coverage, via a proxy via laptop via airplay via AppleTV. So watching the big US commercials means just flipping input selection on the TV.

For food, I'm attempting to revive an old superbowl tradition from twenty+ years ago: an awful nacho sauce thing made by heating equal parts velveeta and salsa. We have problems of quality here in both directions. On the one hand, it's impossible in the UK to get good salsa. On the other hand, it's also impossible to get "cheese" as bad as velveeta. [Maybe not impossible: I got a tip that velveeta is available from a deli across from the St. John's Wood tube stop but never made it there.] So worse salsa and better cheese might average out? Who knows.

I've made a squidgy brick of DIY velveeta. This involved hot water, gelatine, milk powder, the mildest, cheapest cheddar I could find, and a process with a stick blender that produced the most horrible noise in the kitchen. The result? It tastes unacceptably cheese-like. It is also not orange. It's pretty much a pleasantly smooth mild cheddar that would be nice on broccoli. So abject failure. We'll see how it does with the salsa.

One final challenge: it can be oddly difficult here to get plain tortilla chips. A large variety of strangely flavored tortilla chips? No problem! I guess after decades of creating ever more disgusting varieties of crisps the idea of plain tortilla chips must have been greeted with, "oh, surely this can't be right! Send these straightaway to the non-nutritive additives lab."


JustJoeP said...

Velveeta... ....shudder.

I am curious how the whole 30-minute-power-outage (3rd world grid) was covered in the UK?

pyker said...

Not sure, I was asleep by then. I suspect the UK studio hosts just talked through it, jovially, and showed clips from the first half, answered viewer email, stuff like that.