18 November 2012

Enjoy Twitter While It Lasts

Seeing some articles about Twitter (the company) "pivoting" now. This following months of activing screwing over the array of Twitter client app developers that have put out some really impressive stuff the past couple of years.

I love Twitter. While email encourages people to turn out the lights and act like you're not home when you hear footsteps on the front walk, something about Twitter encourages openness. Even my own casual use has yielded some pleasant and interesting direct interaction with authors and journalists, for example.

It's a fantastic source of both novelty and news. Traffic seem oddly backed up on the morning bus ride? Best bet to find information: search Twitter with local hashtags. Last week while I was out on a business trip saw a tweet from home about a helicopter hovering overhead. Probably shouldn't have been surprised to then see a tweet from the police helicopter itself, explaining it was assisting with reports of 3 folks trying on some break-ins in the neighbourhood. This was then followed by the helicopter tweeting they'd been caught.  A classic "What a fascinating modern age we live in" moment.

It will be a shame if/when Twitter ruins itself.

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JustJoeP said...

hey you kids, get off my (electronic / conscious / awareness) lawn!

The Helo anecdote is a nice example of the methodology being used productively though.