07 July 2012

It's Weird! It's Old! It's a Trick!

It's a web ad meme that just keeps going, and now morphing and combining like a transgenic marketing lab experiment. It's one weird and or old trick that will let you do... well, at this point, practically anything. Who clicks these things? Is it that enticing? Like if only you knew to spin widdershins 5 times under a waning gibbous moon, just like granddad used to, you'd be super-thin, or have hair, or sustain an erection indefinitely.

First the one weird and or old trick was just helping you lose weight. Then people started hating you. Well, not you, not yet. They hated the "him" or "her" who rediscovered the trick. And don't you want those contemptible, sniveling, elitist fucks to hate you too?

In just a few minutes of web browsing the other week, I saw at least five uses of this meme. The weight loss one, of course, now considered an oldie by web standards. Then some woman who has young-looking skin. Dermatologists hate her! Next, a guy with a muscle-building trick. Trainers hate him!

Now we start really reaching. Some evil genius is hated by... [have a guess, you won't get it...] language professors! Yes, a language-learning trick. Who knew? The enticement of the weird/old trick is one thing, the "hate" meme reveals another. Who thinks of dermatologists sitting around upset that you have healthy skin, or language professors -- not merely instructors, but professors -- enraged that masses of Americans are actually learning another language. Without their help, ha!!!

The fifth and final version in my brief survey was astonishing, although in retrospect was inevitable and should not have surprised me in the least. It combines the previous memes with tea-party paranoia and insanity (with bonus racism!). I have no idea what the fuck they are talking about, but maybe there's lots of significant brow-furrowing and head-nodding in some circles when this ad pops up. I had to write it down it was so bonkers: "47-year-old patriot discovers weird trick to slash power bill and end slavery to Obama's electricity monopoly. Discover how he did it... before they shut him down."

Hoo boy!


JustJoeP said...

remember, most people are quite dim witted, and fall for this. Just look at the 2010 election results in the US.

Also, instead of getting upset, look at it as a really bad joke, and mock it - that's how I laugh it off =)

zim said...

see also: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/08/1117607/-One-weird-trick